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APA (Amateur Music Player’s Association, Japan), is a non-profit organization for adult amateur chamber music players, which was established in 1974. It is a nationwide network which currently consists of over 1,030 amateur musicians in Japan. Among them, 640 members are resided in Metropolitan area and 250 members are at Kansai area. More than 140 members are in other area in Japan.

APA organizes the international chamber music festivals every year in March. Every year more than 10 players from Europe, Australia, USA, Honk Kong and Singapore including several ACMP members have participated the festival and played together with APA members. We perform two concerts in Koganei Tokyo and Atami Shizuoka after two rehearsals each. Players perform two different pieces of chamber music, from piano trios to nonets. There will be no coaching. During the rehearsals partners can visit several spots with APA members according to the partners programs. Between the two concerts a tour to a famous spot like Kamakura and also to Hakone on the way to Atami will be organized.

There are more events open to foreign players. Please look at the following.

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1a.The 3rd International Chamber Music Festival

March 22-30 2018 (Outline)

We shall welcome strings, winds and pianists eligible for performance of chamber music. Entries can be either preformed or individual basis. We expect more than 10 participants from all over the world. We shall form groups by mixing foreign participants and Japanese players. In principle everyone plays in two ensembles. The pieces of music will be selected based on requests of the participants. There will be no coaching.
Two concerts, one in Koganei and one in Atami. Two rehearsals for each concert will be provided. Between the concerts we go out together for sightseeing.
Some more information,





March 2018





Mar. 22(Thu)



Reception at Musashi-Sakai Area

Mar. 23(Fri)

Rehearsals(Program 1)

at Miyaji-Gakki at Koganei

Mar. 24(Sat)

Rehearsals(Program 1)

at Miyaji-Gakki at Koganei

Mar. 25(Sun)



Dinner Party

at Miyaji-Gakki Hall

Mar. 26(Mon)

Rehearsals(Program 2)

at Miyaji-Gakki at Koganei

Mar. 27(Tue)

Free (Tour to Nikko)

all players and partners

Mar. 28(Wed)

Move to Atami/Rehearsals(Program 2)

at Mozart Salon & Kiunkaku

Mar. 29(Thu)



Dinner Party

Concert at Kiunkaku, Atami

Mar. 30(Fri)

Departure day

Miyaji-Gakki (former Koganei Civic Center) is located in front of JR Musashi-Koganei Station, which is about 17km west of Shinjuku Terminal or 23km west of Tokyo Station or 35min. by JR (Japan Railway) from Tokyo Station. Atami is a sea side resort, about 100km away from Tokyo and around 50 min. from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen (the bullet train).
From Atami Station you can go to other cities by Shinkansen easily. We can arrange to keep instruments by Japanese participants during your journey in Japan if you wish. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2361.html

Concert Style

The concerts at Koganei in Tokyo on March 25th Sunday and in Atami on March 29th Thursday (which will be confirmed 6 months before the actual concert) will be from 14pm to 17pm, performed by preformed or mixed groups with Japanese players. Two rehearsals will be available for each concert. Music for mixed groups will be arranged according to your request in principle. It can be a whole or partial movements depending on nos. of programs. The concerts will be publically announced and we expect full audience in the hall or at least we try to fill up the hall. During the last concerts there were more than 100 audiences.


In Principal, the cost for rehearsal rooms and concert halls will be evenly shared by all participants. A small amount of other expenses such as printing and advertisements will be added on top. Participation fees will be known after all the bookings/arrangements are made.
For your information, fees for the concerts and rehearsals will be $100 to $120 depending on the nos. of participants.
The dinner parties after the concerts will cost about $35 per person. So far it is not possible to offer you a lump sum cost for this festival.
For the transportation to Atami, we shall try to utilize private cars of Japanese participants and we shall share the actual costs. A tour to Nikko (not fixed) will be arranged and it will be at cost.


In the past many participants arranged airbnbs by themselves. Hotel accommodations can be arranged upon your request of the location, preference and period. The following are the hotels in the neighborhood.
In Tokyo

a:Hotel METS, http://www.jrhotelgroup.com/eng/code/codeeng124.htm (Click English page) 

b: Citytel Musahisakai, http://www.hotel-citytel.jp/citytel_sakai/other/index.html#menu_04
Both hotels are located next to JR Musashisakai Station. Koganei Miyaji-Gakki Hall at Musashi-Koganei Station is about 5min. (2nd station) by JR line.
In Atami City: Atami Sea Side Resort is recommendable and we can book it upon your request.


We shall send you the registration form upon your inquiry.
Application deadline is 30 October, 2017
If you prefer to join only one concert either in Tokyo or Atami, please indicate it in your registration.


K(Kaaz) Yoshida decimaint@gmail.com



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1b.The 2nd International Chamber Music Festival

March 15-24 2017 (Report)

Concerts in Koganei and Atami (in 2017)
Dinner parties and sightseeing

(from players)

- Having safely arrived at Kyoto, I am thinking of how nice and exciting it was to participate in your festival. I already feel like slightly advanced into Japanese customs.(R.V.)

- We would like to thank you very much for the fantastic week we had in Japan. It was very well organized and how nice of all the Japanese ladies to tour us around! We already miss the enjoyable dinners as well as the chopsticks which we finally managed to master a bit! (B. O.)

- We only can express our admiration of what you have created. The APA-festival was wonderful planned and executed. I for myself would be glad if there will take place a similar event next year, and perhaps I will be enabled to participate for the second time to play again in this wonderful milieu??! (G.D.)

- Thank you very much for a wonderful time in Japan! I am already excited (rather prematurely) about coming back and doing it all again! Please keep me informed about future opportunities (J.K.)

- It was a wonderful experience for me and a good reason to finally visit Japan.(M.P.)

- For me and my wifethe eightdays in Japan were absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed very much the company of yourfellow-musicians. It gave us a very special windowforobserving Ja



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2.APA-bbs North-Karuizawa Chamber Music Festival

August11to14 August, 2017

The concerts will be on Saturday and Sunday at Kita-Karuizawa Music Hall. There will be no coaching. Rehearsals will be on Friday and Saturday morning. Every year there are about 100 audience. Players are coming from different parts of Japan and each one performs two pieces of chamber music.
Person in charge: Mikio Tabe, e-mail:brahkichi@msf.biglobe.ne.jp



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3.Regular Ensemble Meeting

There are regular meetings at many locations. For instance, more than 20 meetings are held regularly in Metropolitan area that are organized and run by the groups. APA members are free to joining any of the groups which suit their convenience. Some meetings are open to foreign players. If you are interested, please contact the person in charge or the APA head quarter, Mr. M. Nagata: e-mail:apa@zb3.so-net.ne.jp


Regular date


Contact person

<Tokyo area>

1. Seibu line Meeting

2nd Sun.13-17pm


Mr. Hideki Isochi


2. Saitama Meeting

3rd Sat or Sun 13-17pm


Mr. Kuniyuki Goto


3. Saitama appoint-

ment Meeting

4th Sunday 13-17pm


Ms. Megumi Yanagawa


4. Den-en Toshi Meeting

3rd or 4th Sun 13-17pm

Aobadai(Tokyu line)

Mr. Tohro Iozawa


5. Toyoko Line Meeting

last Sat13-21pm

Okurayama(Tokyu line)

Mr. Takashi Arai


6. Shonan Meeting

2nd or 3rd Sat 13-17pm

Ofuna (JR)

Mr. Shinji Matsumoto


7. Kashiwa Meeting

3rd Sun 13-18pm

Shin-kashiwa(Tobu line)

Mr. Nobuo Usuda


8. Katsushika Meeting

2nd or 3rd Sat 13-17pm

Aoto(Keisei line)

Mr.Takunobu Yamashita


9.Chuosen Meeting

1st Sat or Sun 13-17pm


Mr. Kazumichi Yoshida


10. Tamakai Meeting

1st Fri 13-17pm

Tamagawa-Jyosui(Seibu-Haijima Line)

Mr.Katsumi Yanagi


11.Thursday Meeting

1st Thurs 11am-17pm

Korakuen(Marunouchi subway line)

Hitoshi Muramatsu


12.CD grade Meeting

Holiday or Sun 13-18

APA club room


Mr. Masahiro Ohashi


13.Tuesday Meeting

Every Tue 13-17pm


Ms. Makiko Miyake


14.Flute Meeting

1st Sun 13-18pm


Mr. Susumu Mabuchi


15.String Quartet Mtg

3rd Sat 13-17pm


Mr. Shiro Kikuchi


16.Chiba Meeting
(Cembalo Mtg)

& Winter


Mr. Fumihiro Hamada


<Nagoya area>

17.Nagoya weekend


Holiday or Sat

Nakamura Kouen

(Higashiyama line)

Ms. Maki Mito


18.Nagoya Tuesday




(Higashiyama line)

Ms. Maki Mito


<Kansai area>

19. Shukugawa weekday strings

3rd Tue 13-17pm

Shukugawa(Hankyu line)

Mr. Kyozo Makino

20.Kyoto Weekday Meeting

2nd Tue 11am-17pm


Mr. H.A.Shapiro

21.Introduction Meeting

1st Sun

Juso(Hankyu line)

Mr. Yohei Yamada


22. Keihan Meeting

Sun (4 times a year)

Hirakata(Keihan line)

Ms. Kaoru Tsujimoto




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