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APA(Amateur Music Players’ Association, Japan pronounced ei-pa, ei as in eight)is a non-profit organization for amateur chamber music players established in 1974. A nationwide network, it currently consists of about 900 members, of whom 600 reside in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, 200 in the Kansai area, and about 100 are scattered around other parts of the country. There are regular meetings (sessions) for chamber music all over Japan-- for instance there are more than 20 groups meeting (chapters) once or twice a month within the Tokyo metropolitan area alone.


APA is a participant in ACMP's Going Places program. If you are contemplating visiting Japan for tourism or on business and wish to play chamber during your stay, we will try to organize chamber music sessions at locations convenient to you, and we may also be able provide instruments for use during your visit. (See APA-ACMP GOING PLACES section).


Paredore #2-201, 2-Chome 2-16, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
160-0021 JAPAN


Organization Contact



The 6th International Chamber Music Festival 2024   2024.1.1.(ver.3)



Regular APA chamber music meetings are held all over Japan, some weekly, some monthly, some less often. Chamber music players of all nationalities, abilities and experiences are welcome to join the following sessions. Please contact Sayoko Yamashita, Director of International Relations: Email: info_english@apa-music.org. Below is a table listing the chapters, and regular meetings and concerts

Chapter Meeting time earby station Railroad line
<Tokyo Metropolitan area>
1. Seibu-sen Oizumi-Gakuen Seibu-line
2. Saitama 3rd Sat or Sun 1-5pm/td> Urawa JR
3. Saitama Appointment 4th Sunday 10am-5pm Yono-Honcho JR
4. Den-en Toshi 3rd Sun 1-5pm Aobadai/td> Tokyu line
5. Toyoko-sen last Sat 1-9pm Okurayama Tokyu line
6. Shonan 2nd Sat 1-5pm Ofuna JR
7. Kashiwa 3rd Sun 12-6pm Chuo-Koen Tsukuba Express
8. Katsushika Sat or Sun 1-5pm Aoto Keisei line
9.Chuosen Sat or Sun 1-5pm; 4 concerts yearly Musashi-Koganei JR Chuo Line
10. Utsunomiya 1st Sat pm Tobu-Utsonomiya Tobu Line
11.Thursday Meeting 1st Thurs 1-5pm 4th Thurs 10am-5pm Fuchu/Sangu-bashi Keio or Odakyu Line
12. Grade CD 4th Sun 12:30-5:30pm Shinjuku JR
13. Thursday Club 3rd Thur Shinjuku< JR
14. Tuesday Meeting Tue 1-5pm Shinjuku JR
15. Flute Meeting 1st Sun 10am-5pm Shinjuku JR
16. String Quartet Meeting Twice monthly Concerts several times a year Korakuen/Kasuga Subway
17. bbs FB 2nd Sat pm of every other odd month Shinjuku JR
18. Cello ensemble 3rd Fri 1-5pm Shinjuku JR
Tokyo area concerts (no regular meetings)
19. Cello Concert Once yearly


20. Cello Autumn Concert Once yearly in October Musashikoyama

Tokyu line

21. Viola Concert Once yearly in June
22. Violin Concert Twice yearly in July & Nov
23. Chamber Music with Piano Once yearly in Sep or Oct Kawasaki JR
24. Works by Women Composers Once yearly in autumn
25. All Brahms Two concerts in May and June
<Central Japan area>
26. Tateshina Once monthly 1-5pm Fujimi JR Chuo Honsen line
<Kansai area>
27. Kyoto Sunday Chapter 1st Sun 1-4pm Kawaramachi Hankyu line
28. Kyoto Tuesday Chapter 3rd Tues 1-5pm Kawaramachi Hankyu line
Kansai area concerts (no regular meetings)
29. Full-movement Concert Twice yearly Tsukaguchi JR Hankyu line
30. APA Chamber Music Concert Twice yearly in Feb & Sep Tsukaguchi, Abiko JR Hankyu line or Subway
31. Kyoto Chamber Music Concert Twice yearly Kitaoji Subway
32. Keihan Classic Concert Twice yearly Neyagawashi Keihan line
33. New Piano Salon Twice yearly Tenjinbashisuji-6chome Hankyu line or Subway
34. Piano and Vocal Concert Every 5 months Abiko Subway
35. Nishikita Salon 3 times a year in Mar, Jul & Nov Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Hankyu line
36. Piano Duo Concert Yearly in May
37. Piano (solo and duo) Concert Twice yearly in Jun & Dec Oji-koen Hankyu line
38. String Ensemble Concert Twice yearly in Jan & Jul Oji-koen Hankyu line
39. Baroque Concert Once or twice yearly Abiko Subway
Kyushu area concerts (no regular meetings)
40. Kyushu Concert Once yearly Fukuoka & Kumamoto



APA participates in ACMP’s (Associated Chamber Music Players) Going Places program, an initiative to promote international exchange by making it easier for ACMP members to find people to play with when they travel outside their home country. If you are contemplating visiting Japan for tourism or on business and wish to join ensembles during your stay, please contact APA’s POC, Sayoko Yamashita, apa.goingplaces@gmail.com. APA will try to organize chamber music sessions at locations convenient to you, and we may also be able provide instruments for use during your visit.


In April, 2019 APA hosted our first visitor from the USA through Going Places. The following is her report.


On May 12, APA hosted its first international guest as part of the Associated Chamber Music Players’ (ACMP) new Going Places initiative! ACMP established Going Places in late 2018 as a way to broker opportunities for members to play chamber music while traveling abroad. As of this writing there are contacts in six countries: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Japan. Japan’s POC is Kazumichi Yoshida, organizer of APA’s Chuo-sen group, and also a member of ACMP’s International Ambassadors Council. With a strong belief in the power of music to bring people of diverse cultures together, Kaaz has been organizing an International Music festival each spring, so Going Places was a perfect fit for him.


APA’s inaugural event began with an email from Susan Alexander, an American pianist, in February. She would be visiting her son, who teaches English in Tokyo, from late April to mid May. Could anything be arranged? Indeed it could, and a few months later, the group assembled at the JR Musashi Sakai train station and walked over to the Civic Center, where Kaaz had reserved the music room. The players got right to work, for there was a lot of music to fit into four hours: Dvorak quintet Op. 81, Dohnanyi quintet Op 1, and Brahms quartet, Op. 60, for which musicians included Sayoko Yamashita and Kaaz on violin, Takeko Kubodera on viola, and Masako Usuda on cello. Then, during the last hour, Takeko’s husband Toshiro joined in for some Mozart and Schubert trios and Susan’s son, Jeremy, turned pages.


Refreshments afforded another fun opportunity for cultural exchange. Susan introduced the group to some cookies she’d brought with her from the US that combined chocolate and mint, which was a new taste for the Japanese players. She, in turn, got to sample a confection of ume plum and natto, definitely not a combination found on American shelves! At 5:00 it was time to adjourn for dinner at a nearby shabu shabu restaurant, another new experience for Susan. Many trays of meat, glasses of umeshu, and cups of sake later, it was, sadly, time to say goodbye, and the participants dispersed to various stations along the Chuosen. It was a fantastic afternoon and evening, and everyone is hopeful that there will be more opportunities to play together in the future!



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